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Ordering Process

How do I place an order?

Ordering with us is a breeze! Just browse our fantastic products, toss your favorites into the cart, and hit that lovely "Checkout" button. Fill in your shipping info and payment details, and voila! Your order is on its way.

How do I change an Order?

Once your order has been submitted and paid for, it's like a magical spell—it can't be altered. Please review your order carefully before completing it to ensure it's just as you desire.

How do I cancel an order?

We're sorry, but once your order has danced its way through the payment process, it's locked in and can't be canceled. Make sure to double-check your order details before waving your wand!

How can I add to my order?

Once your order has been sprinkled with magic and the payment spell has been cast, it can't be altered or added to. Please make sure to gather all your desired items and complete a new order for any additional goodies you'd like to include.

Shipping & Tracking

Where is my order? How do I track my order?

Wondering where your treasure is? Track it like a pro on our tracking page. It might take up to 10 business days for delivery after we launch it from our warehouse via Australia Post.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Patience, dear friend! It takes about 2 business days for our wizards to prepare your order, plus up to 10 more for Australia Post to deliver it to your doorstep.

What shipping methods can I choose from?

Choose your adventure! During checkout, you can opt for Australia Post standard (the reliable turtle) or Australia Post Express (the lightning bolt).

My order says it's on its way, but I haven't received it yet?

Hold your horses, it's en route! If it's playing hide and seek, contact our trusty customer support, and they'll send out a search party.

Where do you ship to?

Our herb and spice love stretches to Australia and New Zealand only, mate! No intergalactic shipping... yet.

Flat Rate Shipping

How much will it cost to ship my order?

See our flat rate Shipping & Handling fee - Helping you place your order with confidence!

For large orders please contact us directly for more shipping options.

Why is Shipping based on weight?

To give you the best price possible, of course!

Why don't you offer free shipping?

As a wholesaler, we want to provide you with the lowest product price and to make that accessible no matter how much you're ordering!

Payment Options

How can I pay for my order?

Paying is a piece of cake! We accept Shopify Payments (credit cards) for everyone. If you're part of our B2B/trade crew, you may also dance to the beat of direct deposit.

How do I know my payment is secure?

Rest easy, friend! We've got your back. We use top-notch Shopify security to guard your payment details, so your digits are as safe will us.

How do I use a coupon, gift card, or promo code?

Got a little something special? During checkout, toss your coupon, gift card, or promo code into the "Magic Discount Box." 

Paying by Direct Deposit? Here are our Bank Details

Greenstorm Foods Pty Ltd t/a Austral Herbs

BSB: 062 000 | Account Number: 2056 3915

Returns & Exchanges

How do I return my item?

Oopsie-doodle! If you want to return an item, simply fill out our return request form. Our friendly team will then be in touch within 3 business days (if not sooner!).

There's a problem with my products, how do I get a refund?

Oh no, herbal hiccup? Fill out our return request form, and we'll work our magic to make things right. We're all about happy endings!

What is your refund policy?

For all the nitty-gritty details, hop over to our Refund Request Page. It's like reading a wizard's spellbook, but without the eye of newt.

Product Information

This product is out of stock, when will it be available?

Waiting for your favourite spice to make a comeback? If we have an "available date" on the product page, that's the magic date. If not, it's like peeking into a wizard's crystal ball—we can't predict! You can also hit the "Notify Me When Available" button to get an owl (okay, email) when it's back in stock.

Can I place a back order for stock not currently available?

Unfortunately, we don't do time travel (yet!), so we can't take you back to the future. We don't offer back orders for products that are out of stock, but we'll have them ready as soon as they reappear in our magical realm.

How much of this product can I consume safely?

Magic potion instructions? We don't dabble in that kind of magic. For safe consumption, consult a healthcare pro.

How much should I ingest of this product for the health benefits?

For mystical dosage info, check with a healthcare pro.

How should I cook or prepare the product?

Want to whip up a spell in the kitchen? Cooking instructions can be as varied as spell incantations. We suggest you consult your friendly culinary guide for ideas.

I don't think this product information is correct, how can I let you know?

Spotted a magical typo? Email us at contactus@australherbs.com.au with the scoop, and we'll summon our word wizards for a fix!

Can I have the COA (certificate of analysis) for this product?

Unlock the secrets! You can find the Certificate of Analysis for our products at this link. It's like receiving a letter from a wizard's owl.

Can you send me the MSDS, PIF, or other product documentation?

Seeking secret scrolls? We're not the keepers of those scrolls, sorry!

Trade Account

How do I apply for a trade/wholesale account?

Join our exclusive club! Head over to our Trade Application Page to become part of our magical trade circle.

How can I get payment terms?

Payment/credit terms are reserved for our Trade Accounts with a minimum spend of $2000 per month (Australian businesses only). Click here to Apply

How can I order in bulk/wholesale amounts?

Want to stock up like a wizard's pantry? It's all in the trade game. Visit our Trade Application Page to join our wholesale party.

How do I log in to my Trade (B2B) account?

Ready to unlock B2B perks? Use your magical login credentials provided during account creation to access your Trade Account.

Privacy and Security

How do I know my data is safe?

Your data is locked up tighter than a dragon's treasure! We use top-of-the-line security spells to guard it. Read all about it in our Privacy Policy—the ultimate book of secrets.

How do you store and use my personal information?

We treat your info like a treasure chest! Dive into our Privacy Policy to learn all about how we store and sprinkle magic dust on your personal info.

Promotions & Discounts

I see you have a sale on, how do I apply discounts?

Want to save some gold? During checkout, toss your coupon, gift card, or promo code into the "Magic Discount Box." It'll work its charm and sprinkle savings like fairy dust!

What are the terms and conditions of products on sale?

Dive into the magic potion cauldron (product page) or peek at the mystical scroll (sale promotion) for the secrets of products on sale.

I found this product cheaper on another site, Do you price match?

Sorry, we're not in the price-match spell business right now.

Customer Support

How can I contact customer support?

Need a friendly wizard to assist? Shoot us an email or hop into a chat if our online owls are awake. Email us at contactus@australherbs.com.au.

What are your business hours of operation?

We're here to serve you from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. We need some wizard rest on the weekends, after all!

How can I share some positive feedback?

Spread the love! Email us at contactus@australherbs.com.au with your happy stories. We love hearing about magical moments!

How can I make a complaint?

Oops, did we mess up a spell? If you have a complaint, send a message to our customer support team at contactus@australherbs.com.au, and we'll work our magic to make things right.

Technical Issues

How to create an account?

It's like making a magic potion! Click the "Create Account" button, and follow the mystical prompts to conjure up your account.

How do I reset my password?

Lost your way in the enchanted forest? Click the "Forgot Password" link on the login page, and follow the secret path to reset your password.

I can't checkout, what do I do?

Stuck in a wizard's puzzle? Reach out to our trusty customer support at contactus@australherbs.com.au, and they'll help you break the spell.

How do I report a problem with your site?

If our website has a hiccup, send a raven (email) to contactus@australherbs.com.au, and we'll have our tech wizards investigate!

What browser is best to use on your site?

To surf our site like a pro, we recommend using the latest versions of popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. Choose your magic wand wisely!