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By Plant Part

This category page is an organised homage to the anatomy of plants, inviting you to select from the most popular parts used in herbal practices. At the forefront, the Leaf section unfurls with a variety of shapes and shades, each leaf a powerhouse of potential benefits. Dig deeper into the Root category to unearth a world of hidden treasures, from the grounding force of Ginseng to the sweet depth of Licorice.

The Flower/Petal assortment blooms with colours and scents, offering delicate botanicals that can elevate any blend or brew. Venture into the Seed selection to discover the beginning of growth and the concentrated essence of plants. The Fruit category bursts with natural sweetness and tang, while the Aerial parts represent the above-ground wonders of the plant world.

Explore the Berry section for small but mighty fruits packed with flavour, and the Bark category for its rugged textures and deep aromas. The Mushroom/Fungi and Algae categories introduce you to the earthy and aquatic spectrums of botanicals, respectively. Don't overlook the Bud, Bulb, Husk, Resin, and Whole plant sections, each offering unique elements and uses, from the aromatic to the structural.