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By Colour

Dive into Austral Herbs' Colour Collections, are a visual feast of natural botanicals categorised by the hues they wear. This unique page groups products by their natural colours, reflecting the vibrant diversity of our range. Leading the palette is the lush Green of our organic leaves and algae, followed by the rich Brown and earthy Light Brown tones of our roots and seeds. The Red section bursts with the vitality of berries and flowers, while Yellow shines with the subtle warmth of petals and powders. The deep Black hues of certain spices and teas offer a stark contrast to the regal Purple and serene Blue botanicals. Bright Orange selections radiate with citrusy zest, and the White category offers a clean, neutral canvas of roots and mushrooms. Finishing the spectrum are the delicate Pink petals and buds that add a soft touch to the collection.

Please note that this is a generalised grouping; the true colour of natural products can vary, sometimes even from one harvest to the next, reflecting the beautiful and unpredictable diversity of nature. Embrace this organic variance as a hallmark of authenticity and the natural cycle of our planet's bounty.