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This category page is meticulously organised by cut size, showcasing our botanicals in popular cuts from the robust 4-10mm pieces, ideal for infusions and concoctions, to the ultra-fine Powder form, perfect for seamless integration into recipes and formulations. The 2-5mm cut offers a versatile middle ground, while the Uncut category presents our botanicals in their most natural and whole form. The 1-2mm and Ground options provide a finer consistency for more concentrated flavours and textures. Slices capture the essence of our products in a form that's both visually appealing and practical, whereas the 3-4mm and 4-6mm cuts balance aesthetics with functionality.

Please note that these categories are based on general cut sizes; natural variations do occur. Our products, being of natural origin, may display differences in size and cut even within the same harvest, reflecting the unique and dynamic nature of our botanical world.

Also note that, though we strive for consistency, due to the nature of our processes, the size variance within these categories cannot be guaranteed to be uniform and may vary from batch to batch.