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Tribulus also known as Goshkura is used in ayurveda as diuretic herb, and is famous for treating sexual disorders.

Tribulus is a fruit-producing Mediterranean, native European and asian plant that’s covered with spines. In ayurvedic medicine it is used as a diuretic and as a tonic for sexual inadequacy while also supporting asthma and coughs.

For over 400 years it has been used in Chinese medicine to treat sexual dysfucntion in both men and women, where the Greeks used it as a diuretic and mood-enhancer. It has historically been seen as a male herb, improving libido and sperm quality, however ithas beenshown to alleviate menopause symptoms of hot flushes, irritability and depression.

Known in the bodybuilding world, it contains one steroidal saponin in particular – protodioscin. This saponin promotes the release of nitric oxide which in turn increases the flow of oxygen rich blood to muscles, and enables better use of nutrients such as protein.

Common uses include: enhancing athletic performance, treating chest pain, eczema, enlarged prostate, erectile dysfunction, infertility, sexual problems in women.

  • Scientific Name

    Tribulus terrestris

  • Plant Part


  • Cut Size


  • Organic Status

    Organic certified


Product Category

Dried Herbs

Common Use

wellness, culinary



Also known as

Puncture Vine, Goats Head


Store in a sealed container and in a cool, dry place

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