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Vana Holy Basil, or Tulsi is the most common variety, known for its cooling and mellow flavour.

There are three types of Tulsi:

Krishna type: Ocimum tenuiflorum.

Rama type: Ocimum sanctum.

Vana: Ocimum gratissimum

Vana Tulsi originated in Africa, also known as clove basil, African basil, and in Hawaii as wild basil. Studies have shown this variety of Tulsi to be an excellent wound healer when made into a herbal salve/ointment.

Next to the Lotus, Tulsi is perhaps the most sacred plant of India, hence the namesake 'Sacred basil'. Known for its beneficial properties it is commonly employed in Ayurvedic medicine. Tulsi is one of the most potent adapotogenic herbs, meaning it helps your body adapt to stress, respond to life, and respond to you physiologically. Which is why Tulsi has such a broad range of healing benefits.

Its diaphorectic, febrifuge properties provide assistance with colds, flus and lung problems, urinary tract and gastrointestinal infections. Can be used externally for fungal infections and skin infections.

Respiratory, nervine, digestive, diaphoretic, antispasmodic, antibacterial, antiseptic.

  • Scientific Name

    Ocimum gratissimum

  • Plant Part


  • Cut Size

    4-10mm natural

  • Organic Status

    Organic certified


Product Category

Dried Herbs

Common Use

wellness, tea, culinary



Also known as

African Basil, Clove Basil


Store in a sealed container and in a cool, dry place

Country of Origin


Item code

*Country of Origin may differ from what is shown above


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