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This multi-beneficial spice does everything from brightening up and adding a flavour kick to food, to preventing disease.

Rich in Vitamin A, E, B6, Iron and Sodium, this nightshade originated in Central and South America and was domesticated over 5000 years ago, but used since 7500BC. It was Christopher Colombus who gave it the name ‘Pepper’.

It is wonderful added to a throat gargle with lemon, ginger, honey and hot water (and some garlic if you like) to ease sore throats. Alternatively you can add to orange juice to gargle and swallow.

Traditionally used for many things across different cultures, some including: Providing relief from muscle soreness, shingles, skin irritations and rheumatism.


  • Scientific Name

    Capsicum annuum

  • Plant Part


  • Cut Size


  • Organic Status

    Organic certified


Product Category

Dried Spices

Common Use

wellness, culinary, creative



Also known as

Chili Pepper, Cayenne Pepper


Store in a sealed container and in a cool, dry place

Country of Origin

Sri Lanka*

Item code

*Country of Origin may differ from what is shown above

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